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A name is only as special as one makes it throughout their life, and is a reflection of how well one lives their life. The poem reads – Please dont ask me, “who’s that in the gloom?” I am waiting here for my love, in the September dusk. I mean this could have also happened( mitsuha exchanges Taki’s body,goes to tokyo but is unrecognized by taki,comet hits then she dies.. Leaving the taki of same 2013 witnessing the comet.. Then after 3 years taki exchanges body of the same mitsuha that died on Oct 4 2013.. He can picture her face. It works in mysterious ways I guess! Love all of it. ‘Le Crépuscule du soir’ is found in the ‘Tableaux Parisiens’ section of Les Fleurs du mal and fittingly explores the diversity of city life. ’’Quand j’ai vu les images de sa levée du […] Why they remember it as “a disaster exercise” after the fact? Myself 13th of 6th and her 12th of 11th. Formes composées: Français: Anglais: à cette fin loc adv locution adverbiale: groupe de mots qui servent d'adverbe.Toujours invariable ! It was released in 2017. . My only question here is, is there any particular reason why Mitsuha’s time travel is 3 years to the future? Can anyone explain me what happened to mitsuha when she was in taki body first time ? The movie is not about two people finding out each other’s names—it’s about truly understanding someone else. Olivier Fallaix & Rui Pascoal à travers les générations. Third, Kataware doki; and I will restate it here, THE COMET IS NOT MAGICAL, I’m sorry I can’t help it. I looked it up in a dictionary and also found 片割れ (kataware), which means fragment. This occurs at twilight (aka tasogare-doki) when their worlds blur together. Even the most destitute people, those living on the streets, do have one thing to cherish– their identity. So once he and Mitsuha leave the crater, they forget each other – leaving each other behind. Taki decides to go looking for Mitsuha. Another tell from the poem on the blackboard. The reason why they forget each bcz it’s like a dream they don’t remember….. Attention aux tags: trigger warning: automutilation, mention de viol, et étant donné que mon personnage est mort par suicide, à l'origine, il … (...) − Que d'annotations dans les marges! During the ceremony where Mitsuha creates kuchikamizake, she dances with a piece of red yarn. Anyways really wanna go visit some the locations if I ever get the chance to go to Japan. Pourquoi utiliser Firefox par Timothée Jourde, Décoration de meuble par transfert d’impression, Une alternative à Framadate ? C'est fabriqué. Japanese language is truly amazing. This explains a lot why this is happening to Taki and Mitsuha, it wasn’t caused by a wish Mitsuha wanted, it was the god’s power. They converge, take shape, twist, tangle = Taki and Mitsuha switching bodiesand forming a bond. Or the god is actually wanting and hoping for Taki to figure out why he is drawn to a town he hasn’t been before which resulted to him finding that the town is destroyed and Mitsuha is already dead. The ceremony then triggers the connection between Mitsuha and Taki. Did taki and mitsuha ended up being together? At lunch after the first switch (apparently) which she couldn’t remember, Sayaka mentions the upcoming ritual. Correction : 万 man signifie bien sûr 10 000 et pas 1000 comme précédemment indiqué. After the passing of Mitsuha and Yotsuha’s mother, their father becomes detached from them and engrossed with politics. Il ne s'était jamais montré dans ce déguisement depuis soixante-dix ans, c'est-à-dire depuis qu'il avait, par ce moyen, fait à la belle lady Barbara Modish une telle frayeur qu'elle avait repris sa promesse de mariage au grand-père du lord Canterville actuel, et s'était enfuie à Gretna Green, avec le … At “tasogare-doki”, a time of day when different worlds blur together, Taki and Mitsuha switch back to their bodies and meet at the shrine. Because Taki is three years in the future when Mitsuha is dead, the body switching then becomes Mitsuha’s “next life.”. Mitsuhaya and Taki met on top of the mountain but after the twilight they return to their perspective timeline. She will go to her diary and see what he left on their or check on other places where he could have written it like notebook, arm, face, etc. They met up at that location a second time. A Kami is a prevailing spiritual existence whose manifestation is the unique character of a particular location or thing. One thing I think you neglected to point out of the beginning and during your timeline explanation. I really want to read or watch their happy ending/ their reunion. please do educate me on this, I’m so dying to know. Mitsuha’s grandmother explained the significance of the red yarn that Mitsuha was twining just before the ceremony: “Listen to the thread’s voice. The question isn’t necessarily “What is your name?” but instead “Why have I formed this strange connection with you?”. The poems deal with themes relating to decadence and eroticism I think this is an important mindset to have heading into a plot explanation of the movie. the act of explaining something in detail, especially a piece of writing or an idea: 2. the act…。了解更多。 Relevant!! When they switch back, Mitsuha is back on her body. This word has profound meaning. Second, the comet isn’t a time glitch. Even after the body switching ends (that’s why they both start crying when they wake up), Taki remembers Mitsuha. The Miyamizu family deity is Musubi. The abandonment of the word “kataware-doki” is symbolic of the history of Itomori being abandoned, only leaving behind elderly’s grasp on tradition. Two hundred years ago, sandal maker Mayugoro’s bathroom caught on fire and burned down this whole area. Montherlant, Le Démon du bien, 1937, p. 1249. Ex : "avec souplesse" (pour cela) to this end, to this effect, for this purpose expr expression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own. After closer look in to these numbers 12 is related to 666 and obviously 13 is seen at the unlucky number. Because understanding the movie’s intentions will help shape how we make sense of its complicated parts. Une alternative à Framadate ? A côté, sur le tableau, figure 万葉集 (manyôshû) qui est un recueil de poèmes datant des siècles IV à VIII. Thank you for explaining, but I still have a question and I’d like to hear your opinion. It’s the red threat of fate. I don’t think it’s timeline for forgetting each other…. Part of the confusion people have with Your Name is it’s structure. I have seen the movie 3x and actually read the book but still i was shocked to know that there’s a 3 year gap on their age . one question.. were Mitsuha and Taki the same age? I agree! I am so confused. You never know the name of the person you’ll end up with—but you know the person, right? De plus, le poème parle d’un crépuscule du mois de septembre. So when she hands that thread to Taki later in the movie, she’s not just creating a spiritual link—she’s offering half of herself to someone she shares a bond with. Simple theory, Musubi’s powers has expirations. Donc, comme expliqué dans le film, 黄昏 (tasogare), le crépuscule, s’écrivait auparavant 誰そ彼 (tasogare) le premier caractère veut dire "qui ?" And i assume that whole scene were happen in one day (morning-night). She is concerned about typical teenage things, including middle school dances, pimples, dressing, pimples, and possible gendered discrimination. If the thread is equal to the twisting of time it makes since when Taki unravels it and give it to her meaning the timeline is broken but is fixed when she ties the thread back together as a different timeline on her body. How did Mitsuha leave notes in Taki’s phone, if she was from the future? All we know is that that information was likely destroyed in the Great Fire. Watch it. I assume the word was created because the Miyamizus once understood the importance of the spiritual connections they shared with others. Ils forment ainsi une barrière infranchissable. Anyhow, i what i really want to know is how did mitsuha managed to convinced her dad to evacuate the townspeople?? Naturally, you want to pick apart every story development and plot hole to find out if the story’s foundation is sound. Hundreds (or maybe even thousands?) Typing thread is Musubi. The rest of the article will go into much more detail on each part of the timeline. Musubi IS the comet. Donc, dans la scène de la salle de classe au début du film, la professeure explique l’origine de 黄昏時 (tasogaredoki) signifiant le crépuscule. Taki visits the shrine he remembers from his time in Mitsuha’s body. (dare), et le deuxième est le pronom utilisé pour "il" (kare) Dans ce recueil manyôshû, figure ce poème 誰そ彼 (tasogare), 誰(た)そ彼と I was very hooked in the plot of the story and I find it very interesting but the ending is lacking for me. But before I get into explaining the plot of Your Name, let’s remember that opening quote from Mitsuha and Taki and what it represents. I assume ur theory then I think if it’s timeline changed then he didn’t go to itomori Village….. A poetry explication is a relatively short analysis which describes the possible meanings and relationships of the words, images, and other small units that make up a poem. We could not even make a weapon that could strike so accurately as that comet does every 1200 years. Because Mitsuha never died, she and Taki now exist in present day. When they switch, they would both put notes in the person’s phone. These are all the god’s power. Discussion #6: Poetry Explication ‘ Hanging Fire’ by Audre Lorde Question #1- The speaker The speaker in this poem is a 14-year old girl. Some sites show your name next to your public posts. ylg is a fanfiction author that has written 1,053 stories for RG Veda, Rose of Versailles, Sailor Moon, Wish, X-Men, Card Captor Sakura, Misc. I’m always searching for something, for someone. So even when Taki gives Mitsuha back her red yarn thread and their memory of one another is severed…they never really forget one another, right? It could be that two different comets struck Earth at two different points in time, but I’ll assume that, based on what happens to present-day Itomori, that the first comet split into several fragments as well. Mady Touré, le président de Génération Foot dit avoir agi en ’’père de famille’’ en décidant d’intégrer le fils de Pape Bouba Diop dans son académie après avoir été sollicité par des proches de l’ancien milieu de terrain international décédé le 29 novembre dernier en France. Espace où elles se réfugieraient au crépuscule. So Taki isn’t leaving behind half of himself, but the half of Mitsuha that Mitsuha had created with the kuchikamizake. Its just a natural phenomenon, there’s nothing really special about it. The old expression, kataware-doki, is a “classical” language, meaning it was a term used often by elderly members of the community. So in that final shot of the movie, when Mitsuha and Taki ask for each other’s name, what they’re really doing is starting their life together. greg | 9 décembre 2017 - 00:59 1, petite video qui complete et reprend l’explication donné. It all depends on the Chinese characters that are chosen to write it. Create a name you don’t need to keep secret. Combien de temps vous reste-t-il ? Just like how celebrating Thanksgiving allows us to connect with Pilgrims who happened upon America, Taki and Mitsuha’s embracement of tradition allows them to retain their connection, regardless of time or space. The flow of time is Musubi. I’d prefer not having cameos if they don’t fit the world. Michel Jonasz avait tellement confiance en nos deux noms quil pensait suffisant de les écrire sur une pierre et de les lancer au loin pour quils retombent inlassablement de la même manière et toujours du même côté. Perhaps her father tried to do the same after Mitsuha’s mother died but was unable to bring her back, which is why he blames himself for her death and turned his back on becoming a priest. It's about a boy and a girl whose bodies changed with each other. With all that in mind, I think that because the documents contained in the Miyamizu Shrine were destroyed by The Great Fire of Mayugoro, the knowledge of the phrase went with it. Interesting, with the context of 月老 in place, that totally explain the red thread. Yue Lao appears at night, and unites with a silken cord all predestined couples, after which nothing can prevent their union. Karetaso/Kawatare = Who is that and ‘karetaso-doki.’”, Student: “Question! Explicative definition, explanatory; interpretive. Now we’ll go through each of those events in more detail. He drinks the kuchikamizake. We learn this later in the movie when Taki visits the shrine. Like, what does this movie say about you and me? Because the instances where Taki switches bodies with Mitsuha is before the comet strikes her town, I think we can presume that she isn’t dead, which allows them to leave those feelings and memories within each other, no matter whose body they’re in (sort of like it’s engraved into their hearts). Take some time to learn how to connect to your angel by learning more about the things they do. Bizarrement, on oublie que nos passions amoureuses finissent toujours par nous dépasser. And on the other hand the Taki we see on the top of the mountain was back in his timeline (2016) where he no longer have mutsuhaya as his counterpart Coz in that timeline mitsuhaya died. Il est également amusant de remarquer que, 万葉集, manyôshû, qui veut dire le recueil de 1000 feuilles, peut être corrélé à Mitsuha, qui dans sa famille reprennent le kanji 葉 qui signifie la feuille (Mitsuha, Yotsuha, etc). In this case it was exceptionally successful. 3. How to use explicate in a sentence. Peut être que beaucoup le savaient déjà cependant il y a peut être certaines erreurs de traduction et de compréhension de ma part. I’ve been blogging about this movie for a year and I still picked up some fresh insights here. She then has an interaction with a student that you may not have caught, or may not have thought much of—but it’s important: Teacher: “Old expressions include ‘karetaso-doki’. Typing thread is Musubi. Connecting people is Musubi. Your Name - Eurozoom Attendu au Japon le 19 juillet 2019, Tenki no Ko pourrait être présenté au festival du film d'animation d'Annecy en juin. Call Me By Your Name, ça parait évident. Anime « Your name. Many times it can feel like Your Name is purposely leaving out information to trip you up. You start to focus on plot details, like how the Red String of Fate functions, or how Mitsuha’s and Taki’s realities could possibly intersect when they live three years apart, or how drinking kuchikamizake connects the two teenagers. — Créer une alliance avec un troupeau de buffles, lesquels, en cas d’attaque, se positionnent en cercle autour des gazelles, poitrail contre poitrail, cornes en avant. There are many cameo appearances; Taki and Mitsuha probably being the most prominent. Ajouté dans World of Warcraft Classic. In exchange for returning to this world, you must leave behind what is most important to you.”. So Ycamzep, Voici donc le thread ayant pour Musubi may refer to: Musubi-no-Kami, the Shinto Kami of matchmaking, love, and marriage, similar to the Chinese Yue Lao. At this point you’ll be able to say that Musubi is deliberately trying to save the people of Itomori or the Miyamizu family from the inevitable wipeout that will come in the next 1200 years by switching the eldest daughter of the family (probably Musubi’s rules) with a random boy somewhere in Japan after the ritual. And while she’s trying to piece everything together, she looks down in her notebook and reads a message from Taki: “Who are you?”, In a movie called Your Name…I mean, c’mon. There’s an emptiness both Taki and Mitsuha feel. Sommaire. He was able to experience the same mitsuha’s body who was going to be killed.. Then in this case, why would we need an alternate timeline, Makoto shinkai is really amazing he had remained the story at thier main points so that we can develop our on Theories. Love is hard work and requires two people to invest in one another. Simple, Rapide et Gratuit. Despite its charm, success, and visceral power, Your Name has a very convoluted story that’s difficult to grasp, that has left many wondering if it’s a mess of a movie that doesn’t work. Even though Mitsuha is dead, Taki’s connection with her remains—all because of that red yarn thread. Travis actually failed to realize that that the whole phenomenon is actually the mountain god’s doing. That’s why Taki and Mitsuha are connected by the red cord and met at twilight. I mean, that word alone can explain a lot of the strange events happening to the both of them. It just so happens that while Mitsuha is reading this message from Taki, her teacher is explaining the meaning of “tasogare-doki”. they’re in different timelines, right? Just very interesting how me and the current girl I’m seeing are born on these dates. Écoutez-le: C'était l'heure de la danse, et coryphées et rats avaient bien vite pris leurs précautions contre le mauvais œil. Yue Lao (Chinese: 月老; pinyin: Yuè Lǎo; literally: ‘old man under the moon’) is a god of marriage and love in Chinese mythology. That it shares both a divine and a metaphorical connection with the future comet that will destroy Itomori. Ensuite nous désirons reproduire avec la plupart des sujets de paysages cette impression de largeur (et d’étendue) dans les photographies et les transmettre aux observateurs. Pourquoi utiliser Firefox par Timothée Jourde, 8. If mitsuhaya was back in her timeline (2013) she would be alive with Taki in her timeline (the Taki who didn’t know she exist by the time) . Voilà donc un événement que M. Moncharmin trouve naturel. is taki change the past because of what he drink at the shrine? Because at the Movie Weathering With You they aren’t shown together though.. finally, someone is talking abt that. like dreaming a past event that happened and then trying to find it and then its already gone like in itomori town. She becomes one with its past and its future—she becomes one with her home. Please tell me this, do they remember what all they have been through at the end when they re unite on the starcase. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Les Filles Publiques sous la Terreur, by Hector Fleischmann This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States and most other parts o Immediately, Your Name opens with a cryptic, ambiguous scene—a trend that will continue throughout.Despite its charm, success, and visceral power, Your Name has a very convoluted story that’s difficult to grasp, that has left many wondering if it’s a mess of a movie that doesn’t work. Tessie-Sayaka explain she is weird yesterday->going to so called cafe (mitsuha went straight to her place) -> she’s dance at shrine while made sake -> the wishes. In effect, the entire movie becomes a defamiliarization of finding your true soulmate. Mitsuha randomly wakes up as Taki, who lives three years in the future. Their grandmother takes over parenting. You remember how they move, how they talk, how they act. But the sensation that I’ve lost something lingers for a long time after I wake up. Cétait surtout une façon de parler de cette mystique qui veut que quand deux personnes sont faites lun pour lautre, elles finissent par se rencontrer. Taki and Mitsuha falling in love was Musubi’s intentions all along and we can say that he was actually hoping for it to happen but it wasn’t relevant enough until the third comet drop actually happened. But the thing that triggers me is was there really an alternate timeline.. Répondre à cet appel signifiait accepter la demande. But back in the future where Mitsuha is dead, Taki is in his own body when he visits the shrine and drinks the kuchikamizake. First, the one that created the shrine of Musubi, then the one that created the lake, then the one that destroys Ishimori. When Taki arrives at the shrine in Mitsuha’s body, Mitsuha’s grandma says: “In exchange for returning to this world, you must leave behind what is most important to you—the kuchikamizake. Which means their “knowledge” has continued to pass down through the traditions and rituals they perform. Tu as rêvé de ton ancienne vie", VOILA, il y a peut être des erreurs dûes à ma compréhension, rien d’exhaustif, peut être des choses qui vous semblaient évidentes, mais moi j’ai trouvé ça intéressant alors j’ai voulu le partager, Rectification, la grand mère s’appelle Hitoha 一葉 et on peut supposer que la mère de Mitsuha s’appelait 二葉. 露に濡れつつ How to Correct a Mistaken Name on a Credit Report. He go to itomori but he didn’t remember why..??? It returns and breaks, connects (with your town) and leaves again. Remember: that thread carries with it Mitsuha’s connection with Itomori. According you saying the timeline changes…. Your credit report will list all of the name variations reported to Experian by your creditors, so your maiden name and both married names may appear. And the scene where Taki falls and is seeing Mitsuhas life is all connected by a red thread and it’s connected through space and time. Taki, lui, vit au centre de Tokyo. source regroupé en un seul message :). Do someone knows why Mitsuha nor remember his meeting and body switches with Taki after she saved the town? So why would the term kataware-doki be so prevalent at one time? They twist, tangle, sometimes unravel, break, and then connect again. Chronologically Taki and Mitsuha didn’t know each other yet in 2020 so they meet after the events of the movie. 1. This website was… how do you say it? A fragment of another passing comet strikes Itomori. Anyhow um yeah i just have to say that Itomori means ‘Thread Guard’. However, to calculate it, we use only the vowels. In Pythagorean Numerology, the Soul Urge Number (like the Destiny/ Expression Number) comes from the letters in your full name. One of those fragments created the lake that Itomori would one day rest upon, and the other established a crater that houses the Miyamizu Shrine. If this makes sense to anyone else please reply because is it just me or does it all add up a little too well? He can sketch her hometown so well from memory that people recognize it as Itomori. How did Taki and Mitsuha meet in 2021? First, Experian uses all of the identifying information reported to it to compile a complete credit report. われをな問ひそ 九月(ながつき)の It just so happens that the second comet strike occurs during the annual festival. Your Social Security number is too sensitive. Thanks! vient de battre des records au box-office japonais, allant jusqu’à chatouiller les mollets des plus grands succès du géant Ghibli, ce qui justifie sans nul doute la motivation supplémentaire pour rendre le film visible en Occident. is a 2016 Japanese animated romantic fantasy film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai, and produced by CoMix Wave Films.It was produced by Kōichirō Itō and Katsuhiro Takei, with animation direction by Masashi Ando, character designs by Masayoshi Tanaka, and music composed by Radwimps. Then comes the reswitch of the both of them happening after Taki drinks the wine offering which RECONNECTS him to the god and Mitsuha. It totally seems to be the same one comment that fragmented when it passed by earth 1,200 years ago, and again in 2013. They converge and take shape. When you keep twining like that, emotions will eventually start flowing between you and the thread. Wow! In Sweden there is the idiomatic expression “the red thread”. It topped the charts and still remains a legend in the anime world. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public). Maybe the person you share a spiritual connection with doesn’t have to be your “soul mate”, but instead someone you simply share a deep bond with. But because Taki gave Mitsuha back her red yarn, they forget one another. » : quelques explications (dévoile l’intrigue) Voila quelques mots que je ne voulais pas écrire dans mon article sur le film dans lequel je me suis efforcé de ne quasiment rien dévoiler de l’intrigue. CHRONIQUE. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works All we know is that Mitsuha and Taki Tachibana, despite not knowing each other and being miles away from one another, have somehow bonded over this celestial event that has captivated Japan. Il brosse un portait en noir et blanc, à la fois poétique, délicat et bouleversant du crépuscule d’un monde sur le point de disparaître. Motley Fool writer Dayana Yochim says the majority of errors involve dates, but other mistakes can happen, too. Cest comme si je cherchais quelque chose ou quelquun. Does anyone else get lsd vibes from this? L’EXPLICATION. How to Calculate the Soul Urge Number. Mitsuha goes to tokyo one day before the comet and meets taki in train, Taki here is clearly younger than her (check their heights) As he no longer believed in the spiritual connection since it failed for him, meaning he was not her ‘true’ love as determined by the gods. Sauf pour le 11, qui est écrite par Taki "petit boulot", qui doit correspondre à un mois différent. Also remember: Mitsuha created the kuchikamizake, but it was Taki in Mitsuha’s body that offered the kuchikamizake in the Miyamizu Shrine. Their time frame doesn’t match the same. The comet is 100% the source of this phenomenon. The author is unknown, but it is from Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves. Can you explain what was meant when the grandma said to taki(in mitsuhas body) “you’re dreaming”. Fourth, Taki doesn’t realize Mitsuha lives in Itomori until he wanted to. **This is because the consonants are pronounced with sharp edges and have a definitive beginning or end. 6. Les Parisiens, peu préparés à une invasion ennemie, étaient gagnés par la contagion de la panique. Essentially, nobody has ever come as close to meeting their spiritual partner as Mitsuha came to meeting Taki. The Comet and its tail appear as a braided cord. Cétait romantique. It is like time at Kakuriyo, it twists, tangles, unravels, breaks, and connects again. Because a Kami IS the place, it IS the thing. Taki and Mitsuha pass by one another on the train. A Kami is something that you must understand and work with, possibly even bribe, trick, or appease through rituals. A new website helps you figure out how common your name is in different parts of the world, where it may have come from and where you may be most likely to find long lost relatives. This is interesting, because it raises the question: was Toshiki actually “the one” for Futaba? YOUR NAME Ending Explained | KIMI NO NA WA (2016) - YouTube Embarrassed, Mitsuha runs away from the ceremony and screams, “Please make me a handsome Tokyo boy in my next life!”, Remember: the kuchikamizake represents “half” of Mitsuha, and the red yarn carries with it Mitsuha’s connection with Itomori. Mitsuha tracks Taki down in Tokyo. The climactic moment of Your Name is when Taki and Mitsuha finally meet. from the movie itself.. Petit guide pratique en conseils et en exemples autour du découpage technique, une étape essentielle avant de commencer toute réalisation. It’s half of you.”. Her grandmother also said …that too that she also switches but she also don’t remember…. “Musubi is the old way of calling the local guardian god. SIDE NOTE: A lot of questions have been raised about how Mitsuha never realized she was three years in the future, or how Taki never realized he was three years in the past. I saw it for the first time not long after acid and just the whole look of it is similar especially and the circle place they meet. BTW: sunset at that location in 2016 on oct 22 was 16:56 – comet impact was 20:42, That was a very great explanation I did watch the anime when it came out in Japan, but yeah i kept thinking about it a lot! He wouldn’t be a good god if he wasn’t gonna atleast make them see each other. Just like there is a link between the lake and the shrine, there is an unbreakable bond shared between two young people in love. Thanks . The genre is romance, btw. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, il y a une explication logique, déjà, et il y aura de la magie, Poudlard, de l'amitié et des moments drôles. It's fun. So when Taki returns to where the town once stood, he knows to return to the shrine where Mitsuha left her kuchikamizake. Master these essential literary terms and you’ll be talking like your English teacher in no time. Your Name raconte l’histoire de liens qui se tissent et se rompent entre deux ados. I think this, once again, exposes the film’s underlying message about the importance of tradition. Donnez libre cours à vos envies et découvrez notre large choix de kits de peintures par numéros.Utilisez le filtre à gauche pour sélectionner la catégorie qui vous tente. Les regards finissent par se croiser. Are some people caught in the loop of 5 and others the loop of 6. I originally watched this in a theater in Tokyo without any English subtitles, and I just got around to watching it with English, so it is really nice to see a decent attempt to explain the contents. in the part where taki and his friends searching for itomori like in his dream That shrine and old documents were destroyed, and this is known as (The Great Fire of Mayugoro). And second, we gain some insight into Mitsuha’s character. Everybody keeps talking about how strange she was acting. − Je vais vous prêter plusieurs livres : le journal de Tolstoï et celui de sa femme.

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